Nellie McClung (1873 - 1951)

Nellie McClung was born on October 20, 1873 in Chatsworth, Ontario. With the birth name Nellie Letitia Mooney, she was the sixth child of an Irish Methodist father and a Scottish Presbyterian mother. In 1880, McClung’s family moved from Ontario to Manitoba. Although Nellie McClung began her education on how to read at the age of nine, she officially attended school at the age of ten. Later in 1889, she became a graduate from a Winnipeg normal school where she received several teaching opportunities. Despite the young age, Nellie McClung became a teacher at age fifteen commonly known for her aspiring thoughts. In the year 1892, McClung moved to Manitou, Manitoba to further expand her career as a successful teacher. She eventually concluded her teaching career after becoming a novelist. In her novels, she often discussed the issues regarding women’s right to vote. Nellie McClung was a passionate activist for labour issues, workers’ rights, women’s suffrage, and married women’s property rights. In 1915, Nellie’s family moved to Edmonton and later shifted into the city of Calgary in 1923. On September 1, 1951, this heroic figure passed away.


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